Millenia after humans have left Earth, C.I.R.C.L.E Bot is one of the last advanced robots from the old generation. You must explore an old abandoned factory to find the key to give robots emotions, left behind by your creator as a parting gift. During your travels, you can choose to self-destruct to ward off attackers, allowing you extra agility due to the lesser weight and allowing you to take shortcuts through the level. Or, you can remain intact and take a slower but safer route to the end goal. Will you chance death and complete levels as just a head, or will you play it safe and risk the whole factory coming down on your still-intact body? The choice is yours...

Disclaimer: There is currently no reward or punishment for completion time because the TrinityGamesDev programmer procrastinated the heck out of this project. Sorry.

WASD/Arrow Keys to move and Jump (You can also use the Space Bar)

Be advised that the Web version is a bit buggy, so it is advised that you play the desktop versions for best performance. Actually, the game is pretty glitchy and unfinished in general because it was programmed entirely over the course of one day, so there was little time for testing or polishing. There is a known glitch in the end where some lag may start to pop up and the game will not end when it should; until this is fixed, please just close the game window if the game does not take you back to the main menu on completion of the final level. Thanks for your understanding!

Thanks to Whateep for hosting this What-A-Jam game jam! We had a lot of fun making our game, and despite the lack of polish due to time constraints, we are very proud of this project in general! 


Trinity Games for Music, Art, Programming, etc.

Please don't use our artwork or code.

EH: Art and Character Design/Animator 

JH: Programmer/Level Designer (there was like 1 "full" level lol)


DisDroid 23 MB
DisDroid 21 MB


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hey! If you end up tweaking the things that came up on stream could you still keep the original version up? I really want to beat it as it is now lol it was really fun but now it’s personal


Sure! Future versions of the game will also include a "whateep hard mode" that makes the hitboxes as large as the original hitboxes and keeps the attack patterns of enemies and bosses the same in your honor lol.

That's so nice! Thank you!