Play this super unfinished game, which was originally going to feature Warioware-esque minigames and milk would be collected to allow you to level up. It is now a collectathon that likely doesn't work because we finished it 2 minutes before the deadline. Feedback/bug help is appreciated.

Use WASD or the arrow keys to control the cat, and SPACE to interact/talk. Also, be sure to talk to cats, most of them are pretty generous felines. Some even give you hints if you talk to them again!

This was our first ever game, period, and also our first game jam. We're really proud of the music and art,  as all music and art is produced in house and we have no official composers or artists on the team. Actually, everything but fonts is produced by us.

This is literally the prototype of the the prototype of the prototype of the prototype. Just about everything is broken. Also, we chose a genre (RPG-ish) that needs tons of development time and yet most of the programming happened in the span of 2 days because of school. If there is a prize for worst game in the jam, we have it in the bag! But we learned a lot and had tons of fun, so I hope you do too!


BuffCat.dmg 54 MB
BuffCat.exe 95 MB

Install instructions

I recommend the downloadable versions over the web version, it's a bit glitchy on the web.


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You asked me about the audio. I think it gives a sort of unsettling vibe, considering the bad guy will come if you don’t collect all the milk, it’s doing it’s job. The thing I’d recommend is simply making what you think sounds good, and then looking to make that as good as possible. When I do music, and even when I did the song for my game, I make it. then I look at it to see what’s not right, just like with code, and after I make the changes it normally sounds better. In the case with FlusterCluck! I made that music over the course of an entire workday, and still ended up adding more and taking things out the next day.

Wow, thanks for the feedback! If I might ask (sorry for bothering you again), which song did you think was the best (out of the menu theme, the boss cat theme, or the searching theme)? You don't need to go in depth for this one, it would just be helpful for me to know which one sounds the best because I took different approaches in creating each one. For the searching theme, I kind of made it up randomly as I went along, for the menu theme, I tried to kind of evolve the music if that makes sense, and for the boss cat theme, I had a general idea of the feel and flow I wanted and tried to go with that, and I wonder if that played a part in how good the music is. Again, don't spend too much time on this, I've already used up too much of your time already lol.


there were only 3 right? I think the best one was the ‘kingdom hearts/final fantasy rpg’ sounding one that plays while you’re getting the milk, especially because it has the silly meow like synth but still sounds like oh snap this is a boss.


Awesome, thanks! That really helps because it tells me I should plan for my purpose before I make a track. I got it mixed up in my comment lol; that was actually the one where I was trying to fit a certain emotion/theme, and the bosscat theme was the one where I placed random notes. Kind of a funny coincidence, but that was actually based off a boss theme I was making for a dog in another game of mine. Anyways, thanks again for all your help! If there's anything I can do for you, just ask, cause I feel like I owe you for helping me out so much XD.